Covid 19 Impact Survey for Schools

Hashtag learning is pleased to offer your school a specially designed survey to help assess the impact of Covid 19 closure on:

  1. Children’s health and wellbeing
  2. Children’s learning and progress

The survey is free and suitable for all schools – all you have to do is issue the survey and we do all the work.

All responses to the survey are anonymous – no personal data is gathered.

ASK Survey Tool

Designed for Learners and Parents, our Impact ASK survey will provide your school with a detailed analysis of the impact of Covid 19 on your children’s learning and their health and wellbeing. Responses are linked to 2 HGIOS to quality indicators:

  • 2.3 Learning, teaching and assessment
  • 3.1 Ensuring wellbeing and equality

The survey will also determine the key priorities for children and their parents to improve their experience of learning at home.

Covid 19 – Lockdown Phase

The Covid 19 crisis has resulted in significant challenges for school leaders and also for teaching and support staff. Since the start of April learning has been delivered through a wide range of digital platforms and teachers have also used communication technologies such as Zoom to maintain contact with children.

Scottish Government has announced that schools will reopen to learners in August. When children return, in accordance with safety protocols, a blended learning approach will be used to facilitate part-time attendance. This means that children and young people will continue to learn at home using digital learning technologies for part of the school week.

Impact of Closure

There is growing evidence that despite measures put in place by schools, a significant number of children and young people are not fully engaged with learning at home. This may be due to a lack of an established learning routine, the absence of parental support, problems with access to digital devices, or issues relating to WIFI and broadband. It may also be due to the suitability of the teaching resources and pedagogy. There is also growing concern about the physical and mental wellbeing of some children and young people during the lockdown phase.

The Covid 19 Impact Survey will help to identify:

  • the impact on mental health and wellbeing
  • the impact on physical health and wellbeing
  • the impact on confidence and self esteem
  • the impact of personal safety/levels of anxiety
  • the level and nature of engagement in digital learning
  • the quality and appropriateness of learning tools and resources
  • the adequacy of devices and broadband/WIFI in the home
  • the nature and level of support for learning

Arranging your school’s free Covid 19 Impact Survey

Step 1
Request your free Impact ASK survey by filling out this form.

Step 2
We create your free Ask account, Covid 19 online survey and weblinks.

Step 3
You share the Covid 19 survey links with learners and parents, letting them know the closing date for responses.

Step 4
Log in to Impact Ask to view a detailed analysis of survey responses, comments and stakeholder priorities for your school.