Keeping Myself Safe 10-14 Videos

This page provides online access to the Keeping Myself Safe 10-14 videos.

Schools can purchase a licence in order to show these videos to classes. The cost of a licence is £20 per year. Please contact us if you wish to purchase a licence. Schools are not permitted to show these videos without a licence.

Given the sensitive nature of some of the stories, it is important to note that the following three movies contain references to sex or violence:

  • My House – covers physical abuse
  • The Swimming Pool – covers inappropriate touching
  • The Youth Club – covers grooming by an adult

It is also important to be aware the following two movies contain content relating to sexual abuse:

  • The School Concert – covers sexual abuse between siblings
  • The Woods – covers sexual abuse between peers

Please see the Keeping Myself Safe Teacher’s Guide for more information.

The Town
The Youth Club
The Swimming Pool
The Skate Park
The Chat Room
The Park
The Bus
My House
The School Concert
The Woods